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Posted by on July 17, 2018 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (34)

Where do I start - I guess the best place is at the beginning!!

Creative Lifestyle Solutions was originally set up in 2011 to facilitate the transition of three young adults from college into their own home and with them recruiting their own support.  It really was people centred, I often wonder whether I should have tabled the whole experience, wrapped it up in ribbon and sold it as a way to provide people with support that they chose.  We made mistakes and it was a huge learning curve for myself, the tenants and the parents!  But it was fun, and that's what we are all about - having fun!

In 2016 we had a name change!  Everybody - members, clients and friends, could never remember CREATIVE LIFESTYLE SOLUTIONS - even though it portrayed exactly what we were about.  There was also a shift from supported networks into more project based activities and thus LOVE LIFE PROJECTS was born.

The concept of what we do is pretty simple.  We start off with volunteers, develop a project to train them, and then a social enterprise to employ them. If only we had some funding, or the time to write applications, we probably could have employed all our members by now.  But we have marched on financing ourselves commercially and with a bit of fund raising.  And thus it will continue!

This is just a quick blob to get the web page up and running, but I will be back!  Need to think about the best way to run this blog without being too boring!  Watch this space .....